For The Natural Man
Covenant Family
As the first institution established by God, family is the backbone of the community, the temperature gauge for society, and the cornerstone of the church.  For these reasons it is necessary that family units be strong.  The family structure is weakening under weight of poor planning, and is being distorted by the skewed views of sin.  True Covenant Church is committed to stemming the tide of decline in its portion of God’s vineyard.  The ministering arm of Covenant Family will offer classes, sponsor events, and provide tools with the goal of fostering strength within the family institution.

Also covered by the ministerial arm of Covenant Family are the groups Single and Still Saved (S.A.S.S.) and Covenant Alliance of Married People (C.A.M.P.).   

Covenant Community
When communities thrive the reverberations can be felt in the farthest reaches of mankind.  Over the years, within the city of Detroit, lack and poverty has sapped the life energy out of countless communities.  Poorly kept dwellings, unsafe living conditions, and crime have been the offspring of this down turn.  Covenant Community will partner with organizations like Focus Hope, Habitat for Humanity, and the City of Detroit Empowerment Commission to help revitalize neighborhoods, rebuild homes, and take back our communities.

Covenant Health
High Blood Pressure (HBP), Diabetes, and Obesity are not just physical inconveniences.  They are deadly.  One in every five deaths is the result of a heart attack (of which HBP is a leading cause).  Each year 68,399 people die as a result of complications rooted in Diabetes.  Obesity related death statistics are hotly debated.  However, the one thing that is crystal clear is that it can be directly related to both HBP and Diabetes, two known killers. 

These monsters, among others, are haunting our lives, and we must do something about it.  True Covenant Church wants to do its part to educate, equip, and empower the body of Christ to fight back.  With workshops, seminars, screenings, and other drives Covenant Health will work to thwart the attack of the enemy on our bodies.

Covenant Finance
It is apparent that money, indeed, does answer many of life’s problems.  The point of confusion, however, seems to be in ascertaining who is given financial access and who isn’t.  As the children of God, it is my belief that we should be able to understand, utilize, and have money.  The Bible tells us that it is God desire that we, the believer, prosper.  Therefore, to seek understanding of financial systems, principles, and management is a must.

One essential element to the successful handling of money is education.  You must know about that which you seek to possess.  How to prepare a budget, balance your personal accounts, and obtain non-predatory financing are just a few of the things this ministry will be sharing.  Covenant Finance will empower the Covenant Partners to operate their everyday lives in complete financial confidence according to conventional wisdom and biblical principle.

For The Spirit Man
Covenant Brothers 
Men are important.  They are important to and in the family, the community, and the church.  There are frighteningly high numbers of men absent in these areas.  We need them.  Not only do we need men, but we need them to be effective.  In order for their importance to be effectively realized, in all 3 areas, a strong spiritual foundation must be present. 

Covenant Brothers are men who empower men to be what God is calling them to be.  God is calling men to be the head of their house, leaders in the community, and pillars in the church.  As the head of the house men must pray.  As leaders in the community men must know God.  As pillars in the church men must stand firm, with their souls anchored in the Word.  Covenant Brothers will show them how.  

Covenant Sisters
The view that many people have of women is simply as a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a wife.  While these are titles they hold, they, themselves, are so much more.  I believe that women are the flowers that decorate the meadows of the human landscape.  They are the givers of life.  Their value is without measure.

The Bible makes reference to many types of women.  It talks about strange women, widowed women, and mourning women to name a few.  Proverbs 31:10, mentions a virtuous woman.  This is a spiritually sound, morally excellent, and capable woman.  Covenant Sisters are present day examples of the biblically depicted invaluable virtuous women.

Covenant Relationship
One definition of relationship is a passionate attachment between participants.  What word better describes the type of connection we should have with God?  He desires that we praise, worship, and live for Him.  As a benefit of the relationship He supplies us with abundant life in this present world and eternal life in the world to come.  To maintain our portion of the relationship there are measures that must be taken.

Covenant Partners will be guided, with the help of the Lord, on their walk with Christ.  In addition to the regularly scheduled prayer, worship, and Bible study services, the Covenant Relationship ministerial arm will offer personally tailored relationship building tools, prayer partnering, and mentoring groups.

Covenant Worship
Because God is a spirit, He seeks to be worshiped in spirit and truth.  There are several scriptures that speak to methods of worship.  It is these worship methods that will be housed under the ministerial arm of Covenant Worship.  The music ministry, praise dance, prayer teams, and other service enhancing groups will not only offer worship, but also maintain a spirit of worship in everything that True Covenant Church does.

Covenant Commission
A part of normal spiritual advancement is for both leaders and workers in ministry to further understand their assignment in God's purpose.  Furthermore, they must not only broaden their scope, but also apply this understanding to the work of the ministry.  The Bible says that, "...He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ."  With focus groups, training sessions, and other events Covenant Commission will seek to help ministry minded Covenant Partner leaders and workers comprehend their specific role in God's purpose, hone their ministerial gifts and talents, and apply them to edifying the body of Christ.

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